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From:Daevid Vincent Date:May 24 2007 8:57pm
Subject:FK support on myISAM, Parallelization, pronunciation and all kinds of goodness...
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Whoa!? I was just reading this page (, and noticed a
few things...
" <> Foreign key support for all storage
engines will likely be released with MySQL 5.2 
(although it has been present since version 3.23.44 for 
<> InnoDB)."
Does this mean that myISAM tables will have FK support? So I can then ditch this InnoDB
with all the transaction bloat, and the fact that auto_increment PK resets itself.
And the second interesting thing is:
"Support for  <> parallelization is
also part of the roadmap for future versions"
Does this mean we can have several mySQL servers all running as "one", on different
physical servers. Sort of like clustering, or maybe RAID-ish?
What are the current roadmap dates(ish) for these features. And I'm sure this has been
asked a billion times, but when will 5.1 branch become GA (again, ballpark)?
PS. Here's a bit of trivia for you if you don't feel like reading the whole wikipedia
"MySQL"'s official pronunciation of the name is "My Ess Que Ell", pronounced as /maɪ ɛs
kjuː ɛl/, not "My sequel" /maɪ siːkwəl/. However, the company does not take issue
with the pronunciation "My sequel" or other local variations.

The "My" portion of the name comes from the name of Widenius's child, spelled "My" but
pronounced in  <> Swedish as mü /my/ (or
approximately in English, "me").

The "SQL" portion uses the fully spelled-out pronunciation of the 
<> initials, S-Q-L (Structured
Query Language), not the "sequel" pronunciation. This adheres to the official ANSI
pronunciation but conflicts with the earlier IBM database of that name.[5]

The Swedish (MySQL AB is a Swedish company) word Myskväll (/myskvæl/ "cozy
evening", or "My's evening" as Mys kväll) is pronounced in a similar way, but this
may be a coincidence. Nevertheless this pronunciation is quite usual in Sweden.

The dolphin symbol in the MySQL  <> logo was given
the  <> Swati name Sakila in October 2002
after a naming contest

FK support on myISAM, Parallelization, pronunciation and all kinds of goodness...Daevid Vincent24 May