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From:Ronan McGlue Date:May 24 2007 3:56pm
Subject:auto incrementing fields
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I have just realised why my statistics package is throwing up anomolies 
for my data set.
Whenever I auto increment a counter field, if its the first time it is 
set to 0 as opposed to 1, this is im sure due to my creating of the 
table and assigning the field values initial value to be null...

What i need to do is to increment all current values of theose fields by 
one for my existing data, and to change the structure of those tables to 
  have the default value to be 0.

Am i correct in this assumption!?

So i need to schedule some downtime, increment all fields and change the 
structure then restart.
Is this the reccommended action.


Ronan McGlue

Analyst / Programmer
Queens University Belfast
auto incrementing fieldsRonan McGlue24 May