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From:Brent Baisley Date:May 23 2007 3:43pm
Subject:Re: corruption in db. myisam bad? innodb good?
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You would need to find out the reason for the crash to prevent or minimize it. The reason
may be external to mysql.
Innodb can get really, really slow when tables get physically large if you don't have a
similar amount of RAM.
MyISAM doesn't support transactions, so no, that wouldn't help.

If you want to test Innodb as the table type, setup a replication/slave server with the
tables as Innodb instead. See how your 
queries run against it. The table structure needs to match on a replication/salev server,
not the table type. You can also make the 
slave the master in the event of a crash.

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From: "tim h" <timh@stripped>
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Subject: corruption in db. myisam bad? innodb good?

> hi. database is myisam,  5.8Gb, 7mil records.
> recently had some corruption i think due to mysqld service failure.
> 10 tabes were crashed.
> question --
> how can i prevent or minimize this?
> Will switching to innodb help?
> Will converting all my queries to transactions help?
> thanks.
> -- 
> Tim H
> Berkeley, CA

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