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From:Martijn Tonies Date:May 22 2007 10:38am
Subject:Re: design choice - quite many tables
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> I'm working on quite big database. It consists of about 200 tables.
> Additionaly about 50 tables are per year (because of annual data). It
> means every year new 50 tables will have to appear in application. And
> now I have a question. Should I use separate databases for "annual" data
> (i.e. db2006, db2007, etc...) (i don't need constraints on that (annual)
> tables) or put all the tables in one database? Is there any way to
> 'catalogue'/organize tables within one database (namespace/schema)?
> Any thoughts?

Yes, in my opinion, you should use the same tables for each year. So no
"tables per year" or "databases per year", unless there is a very very
reason for this.

Having tables on a per-year basis also means you cannot do cross-year
queries easily and you have to adjust your queries according to the current

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