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From:Brent Baisley Date:May 22 2007 1:47pm
Subject:Re: design choice - quite many tables
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It seems to me that you are asking about Merge tables. A merge table allows you to
"combine" 1 or more tables to appear as a single 
"virtual" table. What tables make up the merge table can modified quickly and easily,
regardless of size. Then your code only needs 
to reference 1 table name.

There are limitations to merge tables (i.e. can't be InnoDB), so you need to read up on it
to see if it will work for you.

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Subject: design choice - quite many tables

> Hi All.
> I'm working on quite big database. It consists of about 200 tables. Additionaly about
> 50 tables are per year (because of annual 
> data). It means every year new 50 tables will have to appear in application. And now
> I have a question. Should I use separate 
> databases for "annual" data (i.e. db2006, db2007, etc...) (i don't need constraints
> on that (annual) tables) or put all the tables 
> in one database? Is there any way to 'catalogue'/organize tables within one database
> (namespace/schema)?
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks in advance...
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