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From:Stan P. van de Burgt Date:April 19 1999 4:02pm
Subject:Altavista-like search on part of DB
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I'm using MySQL together with PHP on my website for a hierarchical,
Yahoo-like directory with ~ 10.000 entries (and growing).

I would like to offer the visitors of my website a Altavista-like keyword
search capability on some of the fields in the main table.

Does anyone know of a piece of software that works with this setup?

I imagine to do a daily dump of the database 
	SELECT id,name, descr, keywords FROM items WHERE status>0
and running an indexer on the resulting table.
	indexer -o indexfile dailydump
	rm dailydump

Then, when a user searches for some keywords, 
	lookup -f indexfile -max 10 somekeywords
would result in a list of maching ids in the database, together with a
number indicating the quality of the match, e.g.

6239	98%
2712	98%
7765	67%

Any pointers for such a tool?


Stan P. van de Burgt                 stan@stripped (0x853296C5)
DMO, P.O. box 1248, 3500 AE, Utrecht, the Netherlands
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