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From:John Meyer Date:May 14 2007 3:56pm
Subject:Re: Scheduled backups
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Mike Blezien wrote:
> Hello,
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> Subject: Re: Scheduled backups
>> J Trahair wrote:
>>> Hi Everyone
>>> I have set up a scheduled backup using MySQL Administrator. Stored
>>> connection, database, dates and time, even the Windows user password
>>> (in fact, blank). It doesn't start at the correct time, or indeed
>>> any time.
>>> Have I missed something?
>>> Thanks for your help.
>>> Jonathan Trahair
>> OS and version?
> this is a nice MySQL B/U bash script we've been using for sometime and
> works quite nicely, on a LINUX  system.
> MySQL Backup Script VER. 2.5 -

Actually, he told me he was on Windows XP.
One thing I have to wonder about, though; in terms of security, okay,
maybe you don't want your password stored in a plain text file, but is
there anyway around that other than setting the password as blank?

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