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From:Ofer Inbar Date:May 9 2007 11:05pm
Subject:tracing the source of a query
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A certain query happened on our server today, that we'd like to find
the source of.  I can see the query in our binary long...

mysqlbinlog <today's logfile> shows:

  # at 114047594
  #070509 15:29:21 server id 2  end_log_pos 114047722     Query   thread_id=1041159      
exec_time=0     error_code=0
  SET TIMESTAMP=1178738961;
  [here is the query in question]

Is there a way for us to find out:
1. what mysql username issued this query?
2. what IP/hostname that session was connected from?

  -- Cos
tracing the source of a queryOfer Inbar10 May