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From:Dan Buettner Date:May 8 2007 10:19pm
Subject:Re: --xml or --html output to file
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Hi John -

using --xml or --html as an argument and redirecting to a file seems to work
here.  As in,

mysql -u me -psecret -D database --html -e "select * from that_table" >


On 5/8/07, John Kebbel <kebbelj@stripped> wrote:
> When I try using the --xml or --html option with a batch file using INTO
> OUTFILE 'dirpath', the --xml or --html option seems to be ignored in
> favor of the tab-delimited default. (If I get rid of the INTO OUTFILE,
> xml or html displays fine in the terminal.)
> I tried using the pager to write to a file from inside MySQL. I
> succeeded, but it was table data. I couldn't figure out how to add the
> --xml or --html options from inside the pager.
> I tried the redirection operator from the command line, but I haven't
> stumbled on the correct syntax if such a syntax does exist.
> Does anyone know how to write an --xml or --html file from a SELECT
> statement, either from the command line or from a batch file? This would
> really be useful information.
> Thanks in advance for reading or responding.
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