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From:Hank Date:May 8 2007 5:55pm
Subject:duplicating a replicated slave environment
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Hello All,

I have a 4.1.14 mysql database master and slave set up.

For this slave #1, I have the IO thread running constantly, and the SQL
thread running once a day to update all pending updates from the master
(then I shut it off).  So for most of the day, this database is static
(except for the collecting relay logs).

I have a new machine to be another slave of the same master (slave #2).

I can not shut down or lock the master in order to copy the master database
to the slave #2 (it is 44GB total, and would take over an hour to copy).

I have copied the (static) database from Slave #1 to Slave #2.  How can I
now configure Slave #2 to process the pending relay-logs and bring it up to

Obviously I would need to copy (and rename?) the relay logs, but what about
the and files?

Or in other words, can I use the show slave status information on Slave #1
to setup Slave #2 in the CHANGE MASTER TO command?



duplicating a replicated slave environmentHank8 May
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