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From:Andreas Iwanowski Date:May 4 2007 2:48am
Subject:RE: Order By and Ignore Punctuation
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I would suggest you order by something that includes a fulltext index on
the specific column.
Maybe check out the documentation on the MATCH()AGAINST() systax as well
as fulltext searches in general.

For example:
SELECT Col1, Col2, Score AS MATCH(TextCol) AGAINST ("") WHERE ... ORDER
BY Score;

Hope to help,

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From: Bill Guion [mailto:bguion@stripped] 
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Subject: Order By and Ignore Punctuation

I would like to perform a query of a personnel database with an ORDER BY
clause that ignores punctuation. For example, O'shea would sort after
Osbourne, not to the beginning of the Os.

Is this doable in the query?

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