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From:Martijn Tonies Date:May 3 2007 12:41pm
Subject:Re: Enforcing Data Format
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> > > Is it possible to enforce data formatting in fields using
> > something like
> > > a regular expression?
> > > varchar is great but does not stop someone putting in the wrong
> > > reference number.
> >
> > Dates should be in a DATE column, not a varchar.
> The OP says 'data' not 'date' :) He is talking about a reference number
> needs to be in a certain format.

Woops, I stand corrected :-)

Dang, I really should stop reading data as date. I do that quite often.

> I too would argue that this requirement is more application layer than in
> the database. Surely anyone editting the tables directly should know what
> they're doing and adhere to the correct format.

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