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From:Juan Eduardo Moreno Date:May 2 2007 7:50pm
Subject:Re: expire_logs_days
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I'm experience using expire_log_days and don't work. I set this parameters
in the CNF and when the time of ( for example 5 days) is in, don't delete

On my expirience, this parameters don't work ( 5.0.27).


On 5/2/07, Ofer Inbar <cos@stripped> wrote:
> Baron Schwartz <baron@stripped> wrote:
> > Actually, the manual does mention the variable, but it doesn't work
> > for us.  We run a nightly cron job that just runs [purge master logs]
> When you say "it doesn't work for us" do you mean that you tried it?
> In what way did it not work?
> Tim Lucia <timlucia@stripped> wrote:
> > We do the same thing, based on the "rumors" I read at the time I set it
> up.
> > (Where "rumors" means that googling for expire_logs_days reveals many
> with
> > problems and not much good news.)
> Has anyone here had direct experience with expire_logs_days either
> working or not working?  What happened?
> (note: I'm running 5.0.24)
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