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From:Jesse Date:May 2 2007 7:34pm
Subject:ROLLUP and Text on total lines
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Using ROLLUP in my GROUP BY, I have been able to get MySQL to insert 
sub-total lines, which is great.  However, it would be even better if I 
could determine the text on those subtotal lines.  Here's my query:

SELECT Sc.State, St.Description, Count(*)
FROM InvHead I
   JOIN Schools Sc on Sc.ID=I.ChapterID
   JOIN Participants P ON P.InvNo=I.InvNo
   JOIN StatusCodes St ON P.Status=St.Code
GROUP BY Sc.State, St.Description WITH ROLLUP

I have seen examples that use (I believe) MS SQL and the Grouping() function 
to determine if the row is an inserted subtotal or total row.  Is there a 
way to determine if the row is a subtotal or total row, and change the text 
to indicate which it is?


ROLLUP and Text on total linesJesse2 May
  • Re: ROLLUP and Text on total linesDan Nelson2 May