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From:Kevin Hunter Date:May 1 2007 4:14pm
Subject:Re: IS NULL Question
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>> Caveat emptor: I haven't tested this in about a year.
>> Are you perchance using a table type of MyISAM?  I seem to recall   
>> that MyISAM has a hard time actually representing NULL  
>> internally.   [ ... Thinks for a minute ... ]  I remember  
>> something about spaces,  like, I think I did
>> INSERT ( val1, val2, NULL ) INTO myTable;
>> and was only able to get the tuples back when I did
>> SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE col3 = ' ';  -- a space character
>> If this is the case, you might consider using a different table  
>> type,  such as InnoDB.
>> HTH,
>> Kevin
> MyISAM has no problem representing NULL.

My mistake.  Obviously old data.

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