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From:David T. Ashley Date:April 25 2007 8:36pm
Subject:Re: FW: MySQL patches from Google
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On 4/25/07, Daevid Vincent <daevid@stripped> wrote:
> A co-worker sent this to me, thought I'd pass it along here. We do tons of
> failover/replication and would be eager to see mySQL implment the Google
> patches in the stock distribution. If anyone needs mission critical,
> scaleable, and failover clusters, it's Google -- so I have every
> confidence
> their patches are solid and worthy of inclusion...

This isn't surprising for Google.  They've done the same thing to Linux.

I don't know much about Google's infrastructure these days, but several
years ago they had a server farm of about 2,000 identical x86 Linux machines
serving out search requests.  Each machine had a local hard disk containing
the most recent copy of the search database.

Because of the volume of identical machines, reliability was critical, and
Google had a certain flavor of the Linux kernel that they had tested and

I wouldn't be surprised to see Google do the same thing with MySQL.  For use
internally, they would make some tweaks.

What are they using MySQL for?  Any massively parallel deployments?

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