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From:Daevid Vincent Date:April 25 2007 7:19pm
Subject:FW: MySQL patches from Google
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A co-worker sent this to me, thought I'd pass it along here. We do tons of
failover/replication and would be eager to see mySQL implment the Google
patches in the stock distribution. If anyone needs mission critical,
scaleable, and failover clusters, it's Google -- so I have every confidence
their patches are solid and worthy of inclusion... 

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Very interesting!  Google has been working on MySQL, and just released
their patches.  I'm going to dig into this stuff and see if it would be
useful for us, it sure sounds like it could be.

... snip ...

"Callaghan said that while Google would like to see its changes become
part of an official MySQL release, he and others wanted the public to
have access to the modified code.

The new features include support for "for semi-synchronous replication,
mirroring the binlog from a master to a slave, quickly promoting a slave
to a master during failover, and keeping InnoDB and replication state on
a slave consistent during crash recovery."

There are also new manageability features such as "new SQL statements
for monitoring resource usage by table and account."

The patch works with version 4 and Google expects version 5 support


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