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From:Ding Deng Date:April 16 2007 12:45pm
Subject:Re: Problem with mysqldump and local-infile
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Mark van Herpen <mark@stripped> writes:

> Hi,
> I want to backup my databases with mysqldump, but mysqldump won't run
> because I use the 'local-infile=1' option in the my.cnf file:
> [client]
> port            = 3306
> socket          = /tmp/mysql.sock
> local-infile    = 1
> This is because I want php and other clients to use local-infile. This
> works, by when I start mysqldump I got this error:
> ~ # mysqldump
> mysqldump: unknown variable 'local-infile=1'
> So, what is wrong? As far as I know local-infile is a valid option to
> put in the my.cnf.
> Is there a way to unset the local-infile option and start then start
> mysqldump or something? Or any other solution?

        If you use LOAD DATA LOCAL in Perl scripts or other programs that read
        the [client] group from option files, you can add the local-infile=1
        option to that group. However, to keep this from causing problems for
        programs that do not understand local-infile, specify it using the
        loose- prefix:

> Grtz,
> Mark van Herpen
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