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From:Denise Wilson Date:April 13 2007 8:18pm
Subject:a little user rights help?
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Hi.  I'm brand new at this so I'm looking for a little help.

I need to have two difference levels of access to a mysql database that I am
developing for our librarians to use to maintain the various research
resources we have available in our library.  AdminType1 should have Delete,
Insert, Select, and Update rights on all the tables in the Resources
database.  AdminType2 will have the same rights on some of the tables in the
Resources database, but in other tables they should only have Select
rights.  At the moment, my plan is to have a separate user database that
will contain a table with a row for each librarian and a column that will
hold information about whether the librarian is AdminType1 or AdminType2.  I
plan to set up 2 users in the grant tables of the mysql database.
AdminType1 will be granted the more comprehensive rights to all the tables
in the Resources database and AdminType2 will be granted the Delete, Insert,
and Update rights only on the appropriate tables.  After the user has logged
into my user database, they will be connected to the Resources database as
either user AdminType1 or AdminType2.

My Question:
Is this a good way to approach this or am I WAY off base?


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