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From:Behrang Saeedzadeh Date:April 12 2007 4:28pm
Subject:Re: Query Question
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Hi Baron,

> Please remember to reply to the list so others can read and benefit from answers to
> your questions.  Also, though I don't care tremendously one way or another, many
> people
> think it's good form to place your response after the message instead of before (I
> tend
> to follow the pattern set by the first response -- I don't care either way as long
> as
> it's not back-and-forth in different styles, which makes it impossible to figure out
> the sequence of replies).

Actually me preference is to break the incoming mail and at relevant
points give my response. But I don't care that much as well. And in
most of the mailing lists that I am a member of, the reply-to address
is set to the address of the mailing list itself, so I usually hit
reply and go on! But, the problem is that I accidentally press the
reply button for the mailing lists that don't work like that...

> To answer your second question, I can't think of a way to do this.  It sounds like
> you're getting into the realm of formatting something for visual display, which is
> not
> what SQL is best used for in my opinion.

Yeah, you're right. The problem is that I need to know for which
authors the number of the books are more than, say 3, so I can display
an appropriate message to the user. I can do this in two queries but I
though there should be a way to do it in one query.



Behrang Saeedzadeh
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