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From:Jay J Date:December 8 1999 1:16pm
Subject:Re: probem with Id In (...)
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From: "Philips" <philips_at_work@stripped>
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Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 1999 7:07 AM
Subject: probem with Id In (...)

> There's problem in following query (MySQL 3.22.25 under Caldera OpenLinux
> SELECT News.*, Text.Text ,DATE_FORMAT(News.Date,'%m.%d.%Y %H:%i:%S') as
Date_Formated FROM News,
> Text WHERE News.Id in
> When I try to execute this one (Text and News tables have ~ 7k rows,
program - some kind of search
> engine) MySQL starts to permanently allocate big amounts of memory.
Everything is crashing due to
> the memory lack and I have to 'Reset' my computer. Sometimes I have enough
time (and CPU time too :)
> before crash and I run 'kill mysqld', that kills nasty mysqld.
> Any advices how to avoid this situation? Any workaround?

My only guess is that "text" is a reserved word.

I use queries similar to that (and have tested with 1000's of values in IN
in 3.22.21 & 3.22.23b) without any problems.

-Jay J

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