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From:Steve Edberg Date:March 17 2007 12:12am
Subject:Re: corrupted tables
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At 6:56 PM +0200 3/16/07, Octavian Rasnita wrote:
>Sometimes I see that some tables from my database get corrupted. Why 
>does this happpen and how can I avoid it?
>It is not hard to go and use "repair table" but it seems that in 
>this way some records could be deleted and this is not ok.
>If I want to have a very secure database, can I use MySQL? I hope 
>the answer won't be that I need to make backups regularily.

You'll have to give us some more least:

* What MySQL version, OS platform, and file system used for database?
* Does this happen at a regular time, or apparently randomly?
* Does this happen to the same tables all the time, or is that random as well?
* Is this a precompiled binary from MySQL or did you build it yourself?

I could see that if you compiled it yourself against some buggy 
libraries you could have problems; perhaps a cronjob is doing some 
copy/restore process on the underlying files without shutting mysql 
down or flushing logs; perhaps a lot of things...more information is 

It has been my experience (on Windows NT, Solaris and Linux 
platforms) that MySQL  has been one of the more reliable programs out 
there. Even after system crashes I haven't lost any data; a repair 
table and index rebuild fixed things.


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