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From:Kaj Arnö Date:March 15 2007 8:42am
Subject:MySQL Summer of Code: Apply now, window closes 24 March 2007!
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Dear MySQL Users,

This message is for those of you who are interested in going beyond
*using* MySQL, into the realm of those *developing* the MySQL software
itself, for everyone else in the community to use and enjoy.

As I wrote a few days ago in my blog, MySQL is participating in the
Google Summer of Code 2007.

The application process for students has now been opened! Those
interested have just one good week of time to apply, as the window
closes 24 March 2007.

To participate in MySQL Summer of Code,

1. Read my blog announcement on

2. Read Google’s Guide to the GSoC Web App for Student Applicants at

3. Go to the page to pick one
or several MySQL related projects that interest you

4. Load the
page for the MySQL related application template, to use as a reference
for when you fill in the application itself in the next step

5. Go to the Google Summer of Code Student Signup page at and start the signup
process itself. Be prepared that it can take a while to fill in.

When filling in the GSoC application, remember that we expect you to
follow our Application Template mentioned above. I.e.

- Your application needs to be concise.
- Your application needs to follow our format.
- First you give us your personal details,
- then what you plan on doing,
- then all your actual experience (broken down, for easy reading),
- then what exactly you intend on delivering (the most important part), and
- finally, a simple Yes, I’m willing to sign the MySQL CLA at

The type of projects available at are of all ambition levels —
and we have not limited ourselves to entirely new features. Colin and
our mentors are still adding new tasks, and currently we have the
following items:

- Test Suite Development (Stewart Smith) and mysqltest
- Test case development (Giuseppe Maxia)
   Code coverage improvement
   System Tests - Load Tests and Long-Running Tests
   Test creation tools
- Benchmarking the MySQL Server
- Instance Manager fixes
- Integrate MySQL Cluster with Instance Manager
- INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables for MySQL Cluster status
- MySQL Based Atom Store
- Simple P4 bugs/features involving options/flags on
- Simple features from Worklog, our detailed todo list

If at any point you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact
MySQL’s Summer of Code Project Administrator Colin Charles

Kaj Arnö <kaj@stripped>
MySQL AB, VP Community Relations, Munich, Germany
MySQL Summer of Code: Apply now, window closes 24 March 2007!Kaj Arnö15 Mar