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From:Steve Edberg Date:March 14 2007 1:29am
Subject:Re: Default Value to a DateTime Column
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At 9:30 PM -0300 3/13/07, allysonalves wrote:
>Hi everybody
>Has some way to set up a function, like now(), as a default value of 
>an dateTime column.
>Is some thing like this.
>Create Table Persons (
>PersonCode int(10) zerofill not null auto_increment,
>PersonName varchar(150) not null,
>CadastreDate DateTime not null default now(),
>Primary Key (PersonCode)) Engine=MyIsam
>I am not want to transfer the responsibility of populate 
>CadastreDate column to layers up.
>Who is the best solution ?
>Allyson Roberto Alves Cavalcanti

in Mysql >= 4.1, you can use a non-updating timestamp:

	create table Persons (
	CadastreDate timestamp default current_timestamp,

unlike older timestamp types, this will not change if the record is 
updated. That behavior can be replicated via for example:

	CadastreDate timestamp default current_timestamp on update 


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