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From:Jay Pipes Date:March 13 2007 8:23pm
Subject:Re: function based index
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Brown, Charles wrote:
> Hello Dan. Try it and see if you can:
> mysql> create index indx101 on tab101(min(c1),c2) ;
> Answer: Its not supported.
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> To: Ananda Kumar
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> Subject: Re: function based index
> In the last episode (Mar 13), Ananda Kumar said:
>> Is it possible to create function based index in mysql as available
>> in oracle. Please point me to any documentation on this.
> Sorry; mysql doesn't have function-based indexes.  The closest you can
> get in mysql is if you add another column and an UPDATE trigger that
> populates it with the results of your function, then index that column. 

Hi!  We've recently opened up our public worklog for commenting... which 
means you should definitely add comments to the worklog task which 
covers function indexes:


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