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From:Chris W Date:February 26 2007 8:06pm
Subject:load sharing
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I have a potential client that is anticipating rapid growth of a web 
site they want me to build.  Some quick research tells me that there is 
the potential for as many as 50 million users that will access the site 
for an hour or two every day.  All of those users will be located in the 
USA so most of the access will be during the day..  To use the web site 
you will have to have an account and log in.  At this time I can't 
really say how much data will need to be stored about each user. 

If this site grows as much as this client thinks, will I need to have 
some kind of load sharing system to access the database? 

I was reading in the MySQL manual about the NDB Cluster storage engine.  
Is this something that would work well in a situation like this?  One 
thing that was mentioned was the possibility of having servers in 
different locations which seems to make the Cluster storage engine not a 
good choice.

Can someone here give some insight and suggest other options I could 
look into?

Chris W

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