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From:ViSolve DB Team Date:February 5 2007 7:12am
Subject:Re: max_allowed_packet in my.ini
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AFAWK, if you modify any of the variables in the .cnf, obviously have to 
restart mysql.  no other go.
To transmit between client and server you need to configure both the client 
and the server.  Through .cnf you are configuring the server variable and 
for client you can go for either mysql or mysqldump.

shell> mysql --max_allowed_packet=32M
or using
mysql> set @@SESSION.max_allowed_packet=32M;
mysql> show variables like "max%";

ViSolve DB Team.
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Subject: Re: max_allowed_packet in my.ini

> On 2/3/07, abhishek jain <mail@stripped> wrote:
>> Hi friends,
>> I am using mysql 5.0.23-nt on windows, i have to store large binary data
>> in database, i have used setting like max_allowed_packet=16M in mysqld
>> section of my.ini  .
>> Now i have a poblem that i want to create a setup so that the entry gets
>> added itself into the my,ini , reason being i need to create many setups 
>> on
>> diff. machine and i do not want to search the mysqld section and write 
>> the
>> line and restart mysql . I can however would like to do via mysqladmin or 
>> so
>> if it is possible as i can invoke that via mine .net program
>> Would appreciate your comments on this,
>> Thanks .
>> Abhishek jain
> Hi Friends.
> Pl. reply,
> Thanks,
> Abhishek jain

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