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From:mos Date:January 31 2007 9:43pm
Subject:Re: Fulltext relevance and weighting....
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         It's likely because MySQL fulltext index defaults to a word length 
of 4 characters or more. So "Ham" probably is not being indexed. You will 
need to change the minimum word length. See

(P.S. Send me a free ham while you're at it.<g>)

At 02:02 PM 1/31/2007, Mike Morton wrote:
>Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve the result weighting
>problem? I have a client whose search results are becoming more and more
>important, and the relevance demands on the results are not entirely
>The fields that are searched are code, name, small description and large
>description, and are ranked in relevance in that order.
>For example, a product with the name: "Bone-In Serrano Ham" should ALWAYS
>outweigh the product with the name of "Boneless Jamon Iberico", even if the
>Jamon Iberico has the word "ham" in the description 20 times more than the
>Serrano product...
>The query that is being run is:
>select *,match(code,name,small_desc,large_desc) against ('ham*') as score
>from products where active='y' and site like '%,1,%' and
>match(code,name,small_desc,large_desc) against ('ham*' IN BOOLEAN MODE)
>order by score desc
>It returns some good relevant matches, but then in the middle of products
>names with "ham" in them, it returns one without....
>Does this require a complete logic switch, or is there a way to build a
>query to do this?
>Obviously the actual build of the query is more complex, and there are other
>rules that need to be applied to the user submitted query, but this is the
>If there is a Fulltext search relevance expert out there in list land, I am
>at my wits end trying to make the results the most relevant that they can be
>- I am willing to work closely with (pay) someone with the knowledge and
>expertise to assist in this.  (using PHP)
>TIA - hope someone can help!
>Mike Morton
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