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From:Mike Morton Date:January 31 2007 8:02pm
Subject:Fulltext relevance and weighting....
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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve the result weighting
problem? I have a client whose search results are becoming more and more
important, and the relevance demands on the results are not entirely

The fields that are searched are code, name, small description and large
description, and are ranked in relevance in that order.

For example, a product with the name: "Bone-In Serrano Ham" should ALWAYS
outweigh the product with the name of "Boneless Jamon Iberico", even if the
Jamon Iberico has the word "ham" in the description 20 times more than the
Serrano product...

The query that is being run is:
select *,match(code,name,small_desc,large_desc) against ('ham*') as score
from products where active='y' and site like '%,1,%' and
match(code,name,small_desc,large_desc) against ('ham*' IN BOOLEAN MODE)
order by score desc

It returns some good relevant matches, but then in the middle of products
names with "ham" in them, it returns one without....

Does this require a complete logic switch, or is there a way to build a
query to do this?

Obviously the actual build of the query is more complex, and there are other
rules that need to be applied to the user submitted query, but this is the

If there is a Fulltext search relevance expert out there in list land, I am
at my wits end trying to make the results the most relevant that they can be
- I am willing to work closely with (pay) someone with the knowledge and
expertise to assist in this.  (using PHP)

TIA - hope someone can help!


Mike Morton

* Tel: 905-465-1263
* Email: mike@stripped

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