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From:Dan Nelson Date:January 31 2007 4:32pm
Subject:Re: Database Layout (Design) Question
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In the last episode (Jan 31), sendmail-admin@stripped said:
> I'm trying to wrap my head around a performance problem our
> institution is having on our Mysql Server which hosts all of our logs
> from around campus.
> Specifically our MailLogs tables.
> What I'm having a hard time with is we have metadata such as:
> CREATE TABLE mail00 (
(mail archive table)
> ) TYPE=MyISAM MAX_ROWS=99000000;
> We might end up storing two to three gigs of logging data per day
> from our mail servers.
> When we had the process setup to purge data out of this table that is
> older than 14 days, it would lock and take great deal of time process
> the request.

I say move to MySQL 5.1, and set up a range partitioned table, with one
partition per day.  Then before midnight you run a script that adds a
new partition covering the next day and drop the oldest one.

	Dan Nelson
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