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From:Jocelyn Fournier Date:January 26 2007 9:05am
Subject:Re: Innodb, why not?
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According to the manuel, Falcon is not yet optimized for performances, 
so benchmarking it would not be fair.
And I do not recommand using the binary alpha release in production, you 
could corrupt badly your database (some bugs has only been fixed a few 
days ago concerning this corruption).

   Jocelyn Fournier

mos a écrit :
> At 03:54 PM 1/25/2007, you wrote:
>> > Another thing to consider is:
>> heh, silly mail client :).  Another thing to consider is this:
>> Though it's "Not recommended for production use", I've heard people 
>> still use
>> it in production environments.
>> -- 
> Chris,
>       Falcon doesn't currently support RI. And like Innodb, it requires 
> its own table space so it too may get fragmented.
> and will 
> likely require packing (sweeping?) from time to time. It would be nice 
> to see some benchmarks compared to InnoDb and MyISAM.
> Mike 
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