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From:Martijn Tonies Date:January 25 2007 9:53pm
Subject:Re: Innodb, why not?
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Hi Olaf,

> I know the innodb vs myisam issue comes up quite frequently. I went
> old threads and could not find an answer to my questions.
> Generally, is there any reason/scenario not to use innodb?
> >From a feature perspective, I do not need full text indices, foreign keys
> are usefull but not necessary (if I write the applications accordingly),

If you think this statement makes sense, then by all means, don't use
InnoDB, cause you probably don't need transactions either (if all
your statements fully execute) or primary key constraints (cause you
know there's only 1 row with a given value) or you don't mind another
instance reading rows from your tables that don't have child rows
yet. Or whatever...

> transactions are also usefull but not entirely necessary.
> Basically I have no excluding reasons for the one or the other.
> I know this is a very general question but it seems not to make any sense
> not to use innodb having such exotic features like foreign keys and
> transactions.
> Maybe some of you had this dilemma in the past and can offer some insight.

Read a book on database systems.

I can highly recommend:

and this website:

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