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From:Chris White Date:January 25 2007 9:38pm
Subject:Re: Innodb, why not?
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On Friday 26 January 2007 06:17, Olaf Stein wrote:

> From a feature perspective, I do not need full text indices, 

This is about the only reason I've seen MyISAM promoted as table engine of 

> I know this is a very general question but it seems not to make any sense
> not to use innodb having such exotic features like foreign keys and
> transactions.

Foreign keys, imho, are a really good thing for a database.  While they may 
not seem terribly important at first, consider your statement of "(if I write 
the applications accordingly)".  I note the plural here and point out that 
foreign keys would centralize your data referencing, so you could write your 
application in 10 different languages and the data relationships would still 
say the same.  Given the somewhat heterogeneous web development environment 
people see today (I've seen PHP and Java for example), it makes it a good 
idea as any to use the table.

Another thing to consider is:

Chris White
PHP Programmer
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