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From:Olaf Stein Date:January 25 2007 9:17pm
Subject:Innodb, why not?
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Hi All

I know the innodb vs myisam issue comes up quite frequently. I went through
old threads and could not find an answer to my questions.

Generally, is there any reason/scenario not to use innodb?

From a feature perspective, I do not need full text indices, foreign keys
are usefull but not necessary (if I write the applications accordingly),
transactions are also usefull but not entirely necessary.
Basically I have no excluding reasons for the one or the other.

From a speed perspective, I do not have a lot of simultaneous connections
but a lot of data. Some tables have several hundred million records
(growing). I read somewhere that innodb loses performance once the size of
the tables exceed the amount of RAM. Is that true and if yes, how bad is
that loss?

I know this is a very general question but it seems not to make any sense
not to use innodb having such exotic features like foreign keys and

Maybe some of you had this dilemma in the past and can offer some insight.

Thanks in advance

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