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From:Brent Baisley Date:January 24 2007 4:38pm
Subject:Re: speeding up a join COUNT
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You should create indexes on the fields you search on most. In this case, you are
searching on the user_type field, so create an 
index on that field. Otherwise you need to scan the entire table to find out which users
are of the type you are searching for.

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Subject: speeding up a join COUNT

> I'm performance testing my 'users' table.  It currently has roughly  1M user records.
>  The 'geo_entities' table has ~ 250 records.
> Here's my query.
> SELECT users.entity_id, geo_entities.entity_name,  geo_entities.short_code, COUNT(
> users.entity_id )
> FROM users, geo_entities
> WHERE users.user_type = 'user'
> AND users.entity_id =
> GROUP BY entity_id
> LIMIT 0 , 30
> It took 51 seconds to execute.
> Both tables only have an index on their unique record id.
> Is there a way to speed up this up?
> -James
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