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From:Nishant Gupta Date:January 16 2007 6:01am
Subject:mysql server has gone away
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If I fire a lot of querries, I get an error "mysql server has gone away/lost
connection with the server" . I tried  to use "mysql_ping()" to reconnect,
but tht also fails... So shud i call real_connect again? I mean will it be
gud practice tht way? I looked for such an error to have occured. I found
mainly 2 reasons:
1-time out : this isn't possible as hundreds of queries r being fired in a
few secs
2-a wrong query- i checked for the querry n it looked fine to me.....

Also i noticed that the querry tht actually gives this error is in fact
executed n logged in the database even though it returns an error!!! But
thereafter, no query even gets logged and all return the same error.

do u knw any othr circumstances in which such an error occurs? n whts the
best poss soln here- to do a reconnect????

Bye for now,

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mysql server has gone awayNishant Gupta16 Jan
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