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From:Mike van Hoof Date:January 8 2007 8:14am
Subject:MYSQL REGEXP help
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i am try to make a regular expression work, but keep getting this error 

does anyone know how i can make it work?
The query is:

SELECT 'boer bv' REGEXP '[ b|^b](?![v$|v ])';

So it has to match each starting 'b' and all the b's pf following words. 
But now followed by a v(line end) or a v followed by a space.

so it should match:

'b test'
'test b'
'test b bv'
'bv b test'

and NOT

'test bv'
'bv test'

Any idea's?!

Thanks, mike

MYSQL REGEXP helpMike van Hoof8 Jan