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From:Dan Nelson Date:December 6 1999 7:48pm
Subject:Re: Can't find this...
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In the last episode (Dec 06), Ronald Beck said:
> Hello all,

> I have a database for our pagers and one of the columns contains the
> monthly fee charged by the pager service.  What can I use to get a
> sub-total by department (yes, I have a department column too) and
> then a grand total of all charges?  I don't see an example of this
> type of query in Chapter 8 and I don't really know what to look for
> in the commands section.  I don't see any reference to generating
> totals in the SELECT definition.

In the simplest case, 

SELECT dept, SUM(amount) FROM pagercharges GROUP BY dept;

will total the 'amount' column for each department.  You'll need
another SELECT to pull the grand total, or calculate it yourself from
the results of the first select.

	Dan Nelson
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