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From:Jerry Schwartz Date:December 28 2006 3:18pm
Subject:RE: MySQL Data Vanishing with FireFox
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Did you make a mistake when showing us your PHP code? There's a missing
single quote after the period on the second line of you $SQL =


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> From: Matt Neimeyer [mailto:matt@stripped]
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> Subject: Re: MySQL Data Vanishing with FireFox
> > I think it's your PHP application; how did you "debug" your
> application?
> All this is doing is letting our customer add their contacts
> to the database.
> This is on the "quick add" form and asks them to enter a
> first and last name
> and an email.
> I debugged by re-writing it temporarily to do this...
> $SQL = 'INSERT INTO Contacts
> (ContFirst,ContLast,ContEmail,UserID) VALUES ("'
>        .$_POST["ContFirst"].'","'.$_POST["ContLast"]
>        .'","'.$_POST["ContEmail"].'",'.$MyID.')';
> echo $SQL;
> $result = mysql_query($SQL,$db);
> On the theory that the echo shouldn't change the contents of the $SQL
> variable.
> Then on the same client machine, I open both browsers and
> launch the page. In
> both browsers I can see the exact same statement (including the value
> of $MyID)
> on the screen but in IE it works and on FireFox it doesn't.
> As soon as I see the SQL on the screen I query directly (not
> through PHP) to
> pull out the records and see that UserID is missing.
> > What data type is column 'C'?  Is it ENUM?
> Nope. Nothing compilicated... ContFirst,ContLast are
> Char(30), ContEmail is
> Char(100), UserID (the one failing) is INT(4). The typical values of
> UserID (at
> least when debugging, and still failing) were numbers from 1-20.
> Again... since I'm seeing the exact same statement on the
> screen in the echo,
> theory has it that the exact same statement is being passed into the
> mysql_query in the next line.
> This is why I'm so baffled. Normally I echo the actual
> statement and it's
> obvious what my error is. (Oh... a comma...) OR I echo the
> statement and see
> that FireFox handles cookies different, or passes form values
> different, or
> truncates $_GET at a different length or some other equally
> obscure thing but
> still that the STATEMENT differs and I have something to
> start tracing from.
> Here the statement is identical on both browsers and one
> fails and the other
> doesn't.
> Any other ideas?
> Matt
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