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From:Matt Neimeyer Date:December 28 2006 2:33pm
Subject:Re: MySQL Data Vanishing with FireFox
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> I think it's your PHP application; how did you "debug" your application?

All this is doing is letting our customer add their contacts to the database.
This is on the "quick add" form and asks them to enter a first and last name
and an email.

I debugged by re-writing it temporarily to do this...

$SQL = 'INSERT INTO Contacts (ContFirst,ContLast,ContEmail,UserID) VALUES ("'
echo $SQL;
$result = mysql_query($SQL,$db);

On the theory that the echo shouldn't change the contents of the $SQL 
Then on the same client machine, I open both browsers and launch the page. In
both browsers I can see the exact same statement (including the value 
of $MyID)
on the screen but in IE it works and on FireFox it doesn't.

As soon as I see the SQL on the screen I query directly (not through PHP) to
pull out the records and see that UserID is missing.

> What data type is column 'C'?  Is it ENUM?

Nope. Nothing compilicated... ContFirst,ContLast are Char(30), ContEmail is
Char(100), UserID (the one failing) is INT(4). The typical values of 
UserID (at
least when debugging, and still failing) were numbers from 1-20.

Again... since I'm seeing the exact same statement on the screen in the echo,
theory has it that the exact same statement is being passed into the
mysql_query in the next line.

This is why I'm so baffled. Normally I echo the actual statement and it's
obvious what my error is. (Oh... a comma...) OR I echo the statement and see
that FireFox handles cookies different, or passes form values different, or
truncates $_GET at a different length or some other equally obscure thing but
still that the STATEMENT differs and I have something to start tracing from.
Here the statement is identical on both browsers and one fails and the other

Any other ideas?


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