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From:Robert Canary Date:December 21 2006 3:21pm
Subject:Re: leading the technological bandwagon
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I ran into this before.  They had a system of spreadsheets that worked 
for them and they didn't want that to go away.  What I did was installed 
them a MySql server on a RHEL box, and rework all the spreadsheets that 
had special links to point to the database.

My argument to them was this allowed for one central point information 
instead the potential for the same information to repeated (and possibly 
changed) from another source.  This also gave them an eaisier backup 

They liked it.

Nowadays, Most business' have learned "if it works for you let it 
alone".  I have seen a $4-million business printing out mailing labels 
on a Win98SE machine.  Why?  Because it works perfectly for what they 
want, why change it.  They print out over 7 million mailing labels a 
year.  They did upgrade the printer.


Stephen Cook wrote:

> You should send that one to The Daily WTF...
> Jay Blanchard wrote:
>> [snip]
>> I recently last week Had and experience with an Very small Company,
>> where as
>> they had around 15 Machines all hooked "Star topology" and a central iis
>> ASP
>> Web server that only showed the date, and a few small utilities when
>> addressed  To it, now there entire Operation was based upon Excel,
>> everything "not joking" I mean everything, was a file share to an Folder
>> ("around 90 Folders") in which they had probably 200 + excel sheets in
>> each
>> one u name something u need to do in business I guarantee there was a
>> excel
>> sheet for it, repetitive sheets for Different Operations, all Sheets
>> linked
>> to one another thru references in excel, excel97 Mind u, I was there on
>> a
>> Consulting call, to inform them of a better way to update / Operate
>> there
>> business  "They ended up saying they liked there Current way better" it
>> makes more sence to them and Only wanted me to link 10 more sheets to
>> what
>> they already had and add a few more file shares, "of Course I refused
>> this
>> Project "  and walked out Laughing my ass off in the car" [/snip]
>> Seriously?

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