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From:Martijn Tonies Date:December 8 2006 10:13am
Subject:Re: Syntax Problem
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> I have a query running within a project from a Windows machine retrieving
> data from a Linux Source the query works perfectly. If i upload the exact
> same project to the Linux machine and run it the query doesnt work ??!!??
> the query string is ...
> SELECT DISTINCT ID, BatchID FROM Contacts WHERE ((Rejected < 1 AND
> IS NOT NULL) OR rejected IS NULL) AND ((Status = 'Verified' OR Status =
> 'Verified & Modified' OR Status IS NULL) AND (UploadedDate BETWEEN 355709
> AND 355789) AND (Deleted <> 1 OR Deleted IS NULL) AND (Type = 'User'))
> Please help am i going mad ?

Always include the error message when asking for help.

My first guess would be case sensitive table names -> on Linux,
case matters, on Windows it doesn't. Ain't that nice.

Martijn Tonies
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