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From:T.J. Mahaffey Date:December 1 2006 5:33pm
Subject:A little sort/group by help please
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I've developed several job tracking applications here at my job.
One of them relies heavily on a series of date stamps in the main table.
Each job has about 6 milestones, each with a respective "sibling"  
column in the same table. The first sibling reflects the job's  
predicted date milestone and the second sibling gets populated with  
the *actual* date when that milestone is met. LIke this:

col1_date_predicted		col1_date_actual		col2_date_predicted		 

The "_date_actual" columns contain "0000-00-00" until their  
respective milestones have actually passed and is set to a real  
Now, when displaying the records in this table, I'm highlighting a  
row in blue if all of the *actual* dates are populated with legit  

My question: I can't for the life of me figure out how I might sort  
or group these all-populated rows (colored in blue) together in the  
Can someone give me some guidance?
Thanks in advance.

T.J. Mahaffey

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