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From:nocturnal Date:December 1 2006 10:12am
Subject:Re: +1MB query gets "Out of memory"
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The -q argument has already been tried but it did not work so well. I've 
told the client to increase the packet_size on their side now but i 
haven't received word on if it worked or not.

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Stefan Midjich aka nocturnal

Visolve DB Team wrote:
> Hi,
> Hope query_cache does not relate with the error. Because, if the query 
> is larger than the query_cache size, automatically that will not be 
> cached.  So that query, on executing any no of times, will never utilize 
> the cache.
> Also as of our understanding, packet_size does not produce out of memory 
> error.
> Try with,
> Invoke mysql with the --quick option. This causes it to use the 
> mysql_use_result() C API function to retrieve the result set, which 
> places less of a load on the client (but more on the server).
> Ref:
> Thanks
> ViSolve DB Team
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> Subject: +1MB query gets "Out of memory"
>> Hi
>> A client used to get Out of memory when trying to send a query that 
>> was a bit more than 1MB. The problem was solved when i increased 
>> query_cache to 2MB but now the problem is back and this time the line 
>> reported by the Out of memory error has a query that is just a bit 
>> over 1MB again. The only other value i could find that was 1MB was 
>> packet_size but that didn't help.
>> What could i do to run this query?
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