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From:Michael Widenius Date:December 6 1999 2:13pm
Subject:Re: Mysql!!!!
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>>>>> "MANZ" == MANZ udupa <amudupa@stripped> writes:

MANZ> Dear Sir,
MANZ> I haven't received any reply for couple of my earlier mails....since the 
MANZ> reason....I am resending this mail....please reply asap.

Sorry, but we haven't got any mails from you before.

MANZ> I am developing a site to sell CD's online, similar to 
MANZ> database won't be as big as these sites initially. 
MANZ> One of my friend in India has told me that mysql is a good and easy database 
MANZ> to use. After going through ur website, I am confused what sort of database 
MANZ> should I buy....there are quite a few in mysql alone....could you kindly 
MANZ> please suggest what version should we exactly use...moreover, I have never 
MANZ> used this database before and I would like to know how easy is this software 
MANZ> to use and is there any kind of online support provided by mysql....incase I 
MANZ> face a problem.

MySQL is not a database, it's a database manager that supports the SQL 
language.  To get it, just go to the download page and choose the one that matches
your operationg system/computer.  If you are using windows,
you can download and test the MySQL-win32 shareware version from:

But you should get a license for it after 30 days of testing!

Note that if you are developing on Unix, you don't need a license to
use MySQL inhouse.

MySQL only gives you a way to store things into a database. To use web 
pages with MySQL support, you should download a driver for the web
language you are going to use (perl, PHP, or some product that uses ODBC).
Everything can be found at the links from our download page.

We do give support for MySQL, but we can't help you with developing
web pages.  For this you may need to contact some of the consults at
our consultant list:

The price for a MySQL license is $200 and MySQL email support starts
from $200/year. You can register yourself or find options about how to
pay at  After you have paid we will
mail how to download the registered MySQL for Win32 version and send
you a receipt by snail-mail.

One MySQL license covers all inhouse use for any MySQL-Unix version +
1 commercial use on Unix at one customer + 1 MySQL Win32 version.
There is no restriction on the number of concurrent users to a MySQL
server and no restrictions of the number of servers you run on one
machine.  A multi-cpu machine is counted as one machine.

You can find information about the MySQL license prices and the MySQL
support levels at

Our current policy is that one shouldn't have to pay for upgrades.
We may sometimes in the future require a new license for major
upgrades (like version 5.0), but we have no plan's to to do this in
the foreseeable future! This means that in the long run MySQL will be a
very good investment compared to any other database!

The Win32 version of MySQL is almost identical to the Unix version of
MySQL!  This means that all documentation that you can find on the
MySQL web site should be relevant even if you are using Win95 or NT!
There is a couple of very minor, OS related, differences between the
Win32 and Unix version and the differences are documented in the
reference manual in the 'Win32 notes' section!

MANZ> Looking forward to ur earliest reply.

MANZ> Thank you,

MANZ> Kind Regards,

MANZ> Manjunath Udupa.

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