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From:Dan Buettner Date:November 28 2006 3:21pm
Subject:Re: Re: One big table or several smaller tables?
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Daniel, you might look into the use of MERGE tables, which are
essentially multipule identical MyISAM tables that look like one


On 11/27/06, Chris White <chriswhite@stripped> wrote:
> On Monday 27 November 2006 13:50, Daniel Smith wrote:
> > Assuming a decent spec server, would a simple search query on a big
> > indexed table be quicker than searching the amount of data divided into
> > separate tables?
> I'd recommend a single large table with a DATE/DATETIME field which would be
> converted to a timestamp storage wise and would become an indexable integer.
> Even 1,000,000+ rows shouldn't have that much of an effect.  You'll also have
> the nice functionality of MySQL's date/time functions.
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