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From:Amit Dor-Shifer Date:November 26 2006 2:13pm
Subject:bind-address: settable via /etc/mysql/my.cnf only?
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I tried setting 'bind-address' as an option from ~/.my.cnf:

(amit0:~) # cat ~/.my.cnf
(amit0:~) # mysqld
061126 16:08:54 [ERROR] mysqld: unknown option '--bind-address'

   1. Is 'bind-address' then not an 'option'?
   2. As 'bind-address'  IS settable via /etc/mysql/my.cnf, I'm
      wondering what are my options of overriding this locally, per user?
   3. Can I both set and unset 'bind-address' by overriding?
   4. Are all the configuration params in /etc/mysql/my.cnf like that?
   5. Is 'mysqld --verbose' the suggested way to test reading of
      configuration/option files? If not, what is the recommended procedure?
   6. Is there a way to query 'bind-address' via mysql console/mysqladmin?

bind-address: settable via /etc/mysql/my.cnf only?Amit Dor-Shifer26 Nov
  • Re: bind-address: settable via /etc/mysql/my.cnf only?Dan Nelson26 Nov