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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 18 1999 9:21pm
Subject:temporary tables
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>>>>> "Matthias" == Matthias Pigulla <mp@stripped> writes:

Matthias> Hi Monty, hi subscribers,
Matthias> I wonder wheter anyone could explain me (or point me to the manual
Matthias> section I haven't found by now) when temporary tables have to be created
Matthias> when SELECTing from a table.

Matthias> E.g., "SELECT text FROM table WHERE id < 10" won't need an internal temp
Matthias> table, but "SELECT 1+1" would, right?

No; Neither of the above needs a temporary table.

From the manual:


If there is an ORDER BY clause and a different GROUP BY clause, or if
the ORDER BY or GROUP BY contains columns from tables other than the
first table in the join queue, a temporary table is created.


As DISTINCT is converted to a GROUP BY on all columns, DISTINCT +
ORDER BY will in many cases also need a temporary table.

If you use 'SQL_SMALL_RESULT' MySQL will use an in-memory temporary table.

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