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From:Kory Wheatley Date:November 13 2006 9:50pm
Subject:Find next available number for gidnumbers and uidnumbers
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I need some advice. We currently are in the process of starting to use 
LDAP  for our accounts to authenticate.  Now when I create a new LDAP
account I need to assign a free gidnumber and uidnumber which can be to
1 to 9999999.   My plan is to load all gidnumbers and uidnumbers that
are being used into two separate mysql tables.  What command could I
use to find the first number that is not being used or not in the

 Now sometimes it could be 12 or the very highest
number, because when accounts are deleted these numbers will be removed
from the tables, so I need to find the next available number.

Find next available number for gidnumbers and uidnumbersKory Wheatley13 Nov