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From:Steve Buehler Date:November 13 2006 3:45pm
Subject:quote for job
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	I have a client that is looking for a setup and was hoping that 
somebody here could give me a quote for the job.  I can't give ALL of 
the details, but I am hoping that this will be enough to get a 
quote.  I am not looking for a hardware quote.  Just one for setting 
this up software wise.

20 MySQL database servers.  10 at primary site and 10 at secondary 
site.  Sites have not been choosen yet and can change in the future 
and might have more sites used for secondary etc. sites.

The 10 at the other site need to mirror the 10 from the primary 
site.  They are on a 1 to 1 ratio for the mirroring.  So if one of 
the servers goes down, the one at the secondary site will take 
over.  If that happens, then the one at the secondary site will be 
written to by the frontend program and when the primary sites server 
comes back up, it will need to take back over with any changes that 
where made to the secondary server.

I understand that Microsoft has a setup where the frontend servers 
talk to a "middleman" server and the middleman server than directs 
the frontend server to the backend database server.  Something like 
that anyway.

There will be a LOT of frontend servers, but that is probably not 
going to be an issue at this point.  We are mainly concerned with the 
backend database servers and connectivity to them.  IF things work 
out, there could be as many as 100+ database servers and 100+ 
frontend servers within a couple of years.  The kind of quotes that I 
need would be:

1.  quote to set it all up when we buy the hardware and choose the 
data centers.
2.  quote to have you and/or your company on call to maintain the servers.

If you have any specific questions, you can either email me the 
questions or if you wish, you can email me your phone numbers and I 
will call you.  If it goes the way they want, we will have to have 
all servers, frontend, middleman and backend setup within about 6 
weeks if possible.


quote for jobSteve Buehler13 Nov